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The case made of top quality laminated particle board, oak or pearl structure - stylish and durable. The colour and wood pattern of the case matches the style of solid wood and natural veneer front panels - additional exposed side panels in natural veneer are unnecessary. An option to order exposed side panels and top panels in natural veneer or foil matching the front panel colour – a solution for perfectionists. Identical colour inside and outside the case. Narrow edges of the case protected with PVC strips – perfect protection against mechanical damage and enhancement of their appearance. Ring-shaped mounting hangers hidden behind the rear panel help levelling wall cabinets. Stylish cap with colour matching the rear panel conceals the adjusting screw. Adoption of mounting slats for wall cabinets ensures easy fitting and levelling.
Inner drawers
Inner drawers hidden behind single front panel are a perfect solution for kitchen sets where the designer is not willing to use single drawers due to decorative reasons.
Shared panels
Shared panels – modern and decorative – optically integrate groups of cabinets.
Drilled holes for handles
Characteristic features of kitchen sets are highlighted visually by individual drilling setting for handles and knobs – vertical, horizontal, central or from the side.
Dining room furniture
Dining room furniture – chests of drawers, cupboards, glass cases, tables and chairs – manufactured in style and colour matching our kitchen sets, is an exceptional solution for open kitchen/dining room or open kitchen/living room combinations.
60 mm thick worktop
Lighting shelf
Grip slat
Glass-door cabinets lighting
Shelf supports
Cabinet interior elegance is enhanced by shelf supports.
Vintage effect
Drawers in inox colour
Tops and front in the same colour
LED lighting creating pleasant atmosphere
Continuation of natural grain of wood
Drawing of wood in some programs is continued on the adjacent fronts.
Handle-free system
Top panel slat
Shared toekick strip enhances the kitchen set appearance and enables cleaning under the cabinets without dismantling the furniture set. The toekick strip comes with a transparent plastic seal on floor edge for protection against moisture and to prevent dirt from getting under the cabinet.
Back panel
Rear panel in base cabinets is shifted 50 mm back to enable easy fitting of terminal connections behind the cabinets. 560 mm depth of side panels in base cases allows you to conceal any terminal connections placed behind the cabinets without the necessity of fitting additional panels
Drawer bottom
Elegant grey bottom of the drawer matches the colour of the runners. Anti-slip mats placed at the drawer bottom keep the contents stable when the drawer is in motion. Furthermore they protect the drawer bottom from damaging effects of dirt
Wall shelves
Wall shelves – glass, laminated, in natural veneer – extend your designing options.
38 and 60 mm thick countertops endow your kitchen with a sturdy appearance. Decorators are given more flexibility in choosing shapes and sizes of the countertops (within 1200 x 4000 mm slate) due to countertops being produced directly by our company and their narrow edges faced with PVC strips. The narrow edge of the countertop is exceptionally well protected from mechanical damage and moisture by PVC strips. Wide range of laminate colours for the countertop surface and PVC strips for the narrow edge together with their mutual matching, result in greater flexibility when selecting colours
Wall slat
Backsplash strips protecting countertop edge near the wall and preventing dirt from getting behind the cabinet are available in wide selection of colours, including all countertop colours.


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