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Purist areas of undisturbed surface of fronts, white in colour, possessing the optical qualities of glass. White kitchen is the most timeless and universal solution. It makes a perfect match to every interior and brings elegance and sophistication to it. White colour is associated with innocence and purity. The depth of shine, the optical qualities of glass and the mirror effect intensify the purist image of the kitchen which borders upon laboratory sterility. The material used for the surface of fronts constitutes a guarantee of their durability and lack of traces of use even after a long time. Floor panels in warm hazel design with a supermat finish are an excellent counterpoint for cool shiny areas of kitchen fronts. The panels contrast with cool whiteness adding a big-city elegance to the kitchen. The beauty of natural wood grains on walnut veneer attracts the eye of the user. All of these components testify to a unique design of the Cristallo kitchen. A large kitchen island constitutes the centre of kitchen activities. It is equipped with a handleless system which further augments the clear image of undisturbed fronts. The kitchen island is covered by a countertop of a pleasant colour and natural stone structure which can be not only admired with eyes, but also felt with touch. The wall of high cupboards constitutes a capacious storage area for food products and kitchen utensils. High cupboards are equipped with ergonomic handles whose subtlety bears a semblance to the one of violin bows.

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