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Door insert colors

KOMANDOR’s range of profile colors and door inserts is presented below. Different types and colors of inserts can be combined in any single door. 

Please note that the colors presented here may appear differently on any given computer screen based on color and contrast settings. Therefore, KOMANDOR can not be held responsible for any differences in color between those displayed on computer monitors and actual product colors. 




  • BeidgeBeidge
  • Black 9005Black 9005
  • Luminous blueLuminous blue
  • Brown 8017Brown 8017
  • Dark Red 022Dark Red 022
  • Fuksja 4006Fuksja 4006
  • Green 1164Green 1164
  • Light Beidge 1015Light Beidge 1015
  • Light Brown 1236Light Brown 1236
  • Grey metalic 9006Grey metalic 9006
  • Orange 2001Orange 2001
  • Pearl White 1013Pearl White 1013
  • Red 1586Red 1586
  • White 9010White 9010



  • BrownBrown
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SilverSilver



These glass pieces consisti of two glass panels between pasted colorless or milky film. This film protects the surface of the glass from spraying small pieces upon impact. In contrast to the transparent glass, milky glass has a low coefficient of light transmission (less than 50%) - ie it lets through less light. The use of milk in a glass cabinet door can subtly conceal, and at the same time give the whole building lightness. In the case of transparent glass interior is completely exposed, so it is recommended to use a wicket or a chest of drawers furniture from our website.



  • Lakeland acacia light H1277 ST9Lakeland acacia light H1277 ST9
  • Mainau birch H1733Mainau birch H1733
  • Aida tabac walnut H 3704 ST15Aida tabac walnut H 3704 ST15
  • alderalder
  • aluminium F509 ST2aluminium F509 ST2
  • antic cherry D2360 BSantic cherry D2360 BS
  • antic oak D2419 PRantic oak D2419 PR
  • apple Locarno D1972 SEapple Locarno D1972 SE
  • apple Locarno lightapple Locarno light
  • beechbeech
  • beech Bavaria H1511 ST15beech Bavaria H1511 ST15
  • black U999 ST2black U999 ST2
  • brown oak H 1151 ST10brown oak H 1151 ST10
  • cassino ash brown H1215 ST22cassino ash brown H1215 ST22
  • chocolate Tyrolean beech H 1599 ST15chocolate Tyrolean beech H 1599 ST15
  • chocolate limba D2380 WGchocolate limba D2380 WG
  • cinnamon fino F584cinnamon fino F584
  • dark oak D9450 WGdark oak D9450 WG
  • dark oak Palermo D2610 MXdark oak Palermo D2610 MX
  • field pearfield pear
  • gray oak Cortina H 3353 ST11gray oak Cortina H 3353 ST11
  • grey beige zebrano H3005 ST22grey beige zebrano H3005 ST22
  • light concrete F274 ST9light concrete F274 ST9
  • light limba D2381 WGlight limba D2381 WG
  • light oaklight oak
  • makassar H3025makassar H3025
  • maple honey H1521 ST15maple honey H1521 ST15
  • maplemaple
  • mountain larch H3410 ST22mountain larch H3410 ST22
  • Nebraska oak natural H 3331 ST10Nebraska oak natural H 3331 ST10
  • oak chateau grey H3304oak chateau grey H3304
  • oak Ferrara dark H1337 ST11oak Ferrara dark H1337 ST11
  • olive Cordoba dark H3031olive Cordoba dark H3031
  • pinia avola champagnepinia avola champagne
  • platinum white W980 SMplatinum white W980 SM
  • sandy beidge U156 ST9sandy beidge U156 ST9
  • sandy zebrano H3006 ST22sandy zebrano H3006 ST22
  • seagrass D2298 MXseagrass D2298 MX
  • Tirano pear H 3114 ST9Tirano pear H 3114 ST9
  • vanilla U108 ST15vanilla U108 ST15
  • whitewhite
  • white structurewhite structure
  • woodline cream H1424 ST22woodline cream H1424 ST22
  • woodline mocca H1428 ST22woodline mocca H1428 ST22



  • AK13AK13
  • AK15AK15
  • AK2AK2
  • AK28AK28
  • AK3AK3
  • AK30AK30
  • AK37AK37
  • AK39AK39
  • AK48AK48
  • AK8AK8
  • DK11DK11
  • DK12DK12
  • DK15DK15
  • DK16DK16
  • DK4DK4
  • DK6DK6
  • DK8DK8
  • NK11NK11
  • NK12NK12
  • ak1ak1


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