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Komandor software system

Since it was founded, KOMANDOR has taken advantage of the latest knowledge, trends and techniques in all areas of its business activity including production, management and customer service to meet worldwide standards and the demands of customers. 

KOMANDOR’s innovation is demonstrated through its independently designed


software program – Designer – created to equip our sales representatives with a powerful tool to aid them in meeting customer demands and providing the best customer service. A key feature of the program is the graphical design module which takes advantage of the latest 3D interior design technology. 

Designer was created to take full advantage of the Internet to make communication possible between our authorized dealers and assembly plants. It is worth noting that the future of the Internet was not assessed too well at the time of the programs creation. Our company took a risk, one which resulted in KOMANDOR becoming a worldwide leader in the sliding door market, not only because of quality production and cutting edge software, but also by making customer service its priority.

Presenting an image as realistic as possible of how KOMANDOR products will look in the client’s home or office is one of the goals of the program. Using the software package, a designer visiting the customer’s location can present the full functionality, aesthetics and costs of any imagined furnishing solution. What’s more, the number of variations of the project that can easily be presented to the client is limited only by the imagination, technical specifications and price, which is updated at every change. 

Our software program provides our designers with an indispensable tool allowing them to work effectively which results in satisfied customers and confident sales representatives. Customers know exactly what they are buying and how it will appear in their home without having to depend on their imagination, which can sometimes differ from reality. In ddition, our designers have the possibility of presenting the customer with a variety of solutions. The Designer software system was created based on years of experience and comments from our 
customers and company team. As our experience increases, our clients let us know what they think, our designers and sales representatives share useful input and new technologies arise, the program will be under constant development and improvement. Designer is an essential part in meeting the needs of our clients, who have increased their trust in our company over the years and we strive for this trend to continue.



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