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 Front: 18 mm thick chipboard in natural exotic veneer varnished mat or high gloss, Rim finished with natural veneer, horizontal natural grain of wood with pattern continued on the adjacent fronts of identical horizontal parting line of total length of cabinet block not exceeding 2400 mm. It is not possible to put the cabinets in a line exceeding 2400 mm. Maximum height of the front with horizontal natural grain of wood is 855 mm. Lack of repeatability of the pattern between the sets. It is not possible to reject or replace single front – the whole set of fronts is manufactured at the same time.

  • pianoIII_tineo
    tineo mat MTIN
    tineo gloss PTIN
  • pianoIII_orzech_amerykanski
    eastern black walnut mat MORA
    eastern black walnut gloss PORA
  • pianoIII_sweet_gum
    sweet gum mat MSWG
    sweet gum gloss PSWG
  • pianoIII_palisander_santos
    palisander santos MPSA
    palisander santos gloss PPSA
  • pianoIII_jesion_mleczny
    milk ash MJML
  • pianoIII_jesion_srebrny
    silver ash mat MJS 
    silver ash gloss PJS
  • pianoIII_jesion_szary
    gray ash MJSZ
  • pianoIII_sapele_mocca
    sapele mocca mat MSPM
    sapele mocca gloss PSPM


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