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- komandor is so confident of its quality it offers 5 year warranty on it's sliding door systems. Components like shelfs, rails, lights etc. are under 1 year warranty.

The advantages of using MDF for a painted finish are primarily the low cost and stability that this material has. MDF won’t be affected by any expansion and contraction guaranteeing the integrity of the finish from cracking and peeling on the cabinet doors for the first few years. A disadvantage using MDF is mainly the durability. The daily use will eventually chip the doors leaving the MDF vulnerable to water infiltration that will cause the swallowing
Using wood is a better long term investment. The chipping due the regular use won’t cause the wood to swallow. It is known that due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood the finishing may be damaged from small cracks, mainly where the cabinet door’s seams are.
Taking all of this information into consideration I would definitely recommend Wood over MDF, even for a painted finish.


Wood is also "more" naturall and environmental friendly materiall so this way healthier for you.

-yes we have pictures of furniture installed along with a written recommendation from our customers in the testimonials section.

-yes most definitely, we offer a diverse range of colours and styles so we can guarantee you find something you like. >OUR OFFER<

-all the furniture is made to measure so we can make it to your exact specifications. Glass/mirrors on doors can be max 2741mm high.

-max width of a single track sliding wardrobe is 5500mm. If you need more you can build wardrobes side by side to make them look like one.

- firstly we contact you to find out and discuss your needs/ideas.

- then we can start working on your design.

- depending on how complex the design is we might want to come see you in person.

- after the design is cleared with you, and you are absolutely satisfied it takes a couple of weeks to manufacture it and get it delivered.

- we arrange a convenient installation date and with the assembly usually not taking more than one day, you will have beautiful new furniture in no time!

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