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Special orders

KOMANDOR provides specific services to meet the needs of customers wanting to take advantage of our advanced machinery to place special orders. These orders can be made for customized beds, tables, desks, chests, kitchen furnishings, shoe racks, framed mirrors and many other types of furniture for your home or office. 

Taking advantage of our vast machine park, specialized equipment and warehousing and logistic capabilities, we fulfill custom orders of various sizes for individual customers and organizations. 

Special orders are divided into two types to meet specific needs of various clients: 


  1. Customers who want high quality furniture designed using our software with a professional consultation with one of our designers and assembled/installed by our company at the client’s location. 

    These types of orders can be taken care of at any one of our showrooms in Poland, where the customer has the option of seeing previous custom projects, providing us with his/her requirements and being able to view a virtual image of his/her room with the new furniture using our software. Thanks to this possibility, final corrections can be made to make sure we are ordering exactly what the customer wants. 
  2. Customers who want to design their own furniture and assemble/install it themselves. We provide this option for individual customers or organizations who wish to order custom cut and veneered boards. This ordering process is no doubt the cheapest possibility for those who have “do-it-yourself” skills. These orders can be made at Service Departments of KOMANDOR assembly plants. 

Our Service Departments work with even the largest custom orders for the complex furnishing requirements of organizations. From reception areas, staff rooms, offices and conference rooms to meeting the needs of hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. The sky is the limit and new possibilities are constantly being introduced using the latest products and technologies. 


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