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Hinges allow quick door dismantling and fitting without using tools.


Some cabinets are fitted with revolving or roll-out racks (silver, white or chrome-coated) that improve their functionality.

Sink cabinet drawer

Sink cabinet drawer with cut-out U-bend gap allows you to employ previously unused space.

Narrow cargo

Base cabinet with pull-out basket and hangers is a perfect place for storing detergents and drying kitchen dishcloths.

Condiment cupboard

The cabinet with wooden containers is a perfect place for spices.

Bottle stand
Bottle stand is a great place for storing wine.
Grip slat


Appliances fixed at level convenient for use
Roller-front cupboard

Roll-front cabinet fitted with electric socket, designed to hold small household appliances (coffee express, toaster) – no need to constantly pull out and put them away. Just roll the front up and down.

Noise reduction

Special protectors reduce noise produced when closing doors.

Base cabinets
Base cabinets come with adjustable plastic feet that compensate for uneven floors
Glass wall panels
Glow-tube lighting over a working top

Drawer interior lighting

Drawer in a corner

Ironing board in a drawer

Table in a drawer

Worktop level

100 and 150mm high toekicks together with 577 and 720 mm high base cabinets let you adjust the countertop position to suit user’s height and needs.

Drawer - inserts and compartments

Organiser inserts and partitions for drawers enable individual design of drawers with various functions and keeping their content in proper order.



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