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Wardrobe Accessories

Komandor are the perfect wardrobes to utilise free space into useful storage. The unit is made to be as functional as you need it to be. Adjust the interior system options to match your storage needs.


Shelves are all made to measure with standard thickness of 18mm or greater. While the shelf can be any size, wider options should include a support system or the shelf might warp and break.
A pullout shelf is a useful variant that allows extra storage without compromising more space.

Hanging rod 
Standard hanging space solution. Can be arranged for long coats or as a double hanging space for shirts/coats. 

Wire basket 
Great for storage since it allows to see what is inside the basket without the need to pull it out. 

Shoes rack 
Holds up to 6 pairs of shoes in the upright form. The plastic mould allows for the shoes to stay in their original form without any deformation due to storage issues.

Belts and ties hanger 
A useful storage solution that transforms small awkward spaces into a compact arrangement.

Cross hanger 
Another option that allows efficient use of space due to its practical orientation. 

Trousers hanger 
Can hold up to 8 pairs and thanks to the rubber coating storage is easier than ever. The hanger can also slide out allowing for more convenient acces.

Shoe shelf 
The fact that you can pull the shelf out allows for easy access and smart storage. It is possible to install couple shelves close to each other making it a shoe only segment.

Laundry bag 
Perfect for storing dirty laundry away from sight until its ready to be washed.

Pull down hanger 
This is an option that allows access to higher sections of the wardrobe with ease. Perfect for high interiors or for people of smaller statue.

Vertical belt and ties drawer 
Useful for storing ties in an upright manner, hanging in a narrow space. Small size of the unit makes it very useful and versatile in any arrangement.

Drawers come in an array of shapes and sizes, with an even larger selection of possible finishes. Additional options include: push-to-open, soft close and full extention.

Vacuum hose and iron holder 
Clever feature that allows you to hang your vacuum/iron inside the unit.
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