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Benefits of our products

 When you buy from KOMANDOR you can expect the following product benefits:

COMFORT – All of our products are user-friendly and easy to keep clean. The customer decides on the number of doors and their widths as well as the number and types of shelves and drawers. This freedom of choice results in a setup optimized for the client’s needs and comfort in everyday use.

ELEGANCE – The perfect choice of colors and materials combined with the right proportions give KOMANDOR’s sliding door systems a look which is natural and harmonious while at the same time modern and elegant in any room.

FUNCTIONALITY – Sliding door systems prove to be a much more useful solution over regular wardrobes allowing you to take greater advantage of the designated space. Our systems are customized to ideally store virtually everything from clothes, bed linen, blankets and pillows to irons, vacuum cleaners, suitcases and books. All your items are organized and out of the way but at the same time easily accessible. There exists a design to accommodate any free space with a sliding door system, even the smallest spaces.

SAFETY – You can sleep sound soundly at night knowing that our wardrobes remain securely mounted to your walls once installed. Sliding doors are equipped with our patented state of the art rolling mechanisms insuring quiet and light operation while preventing them from falling out of tracks. All mirrors we carry have a shatter-resistant construction where a reinforcement sheet is bonded to the mirror preventing chipping and increasing their strength. You can be confident that your children and pets are safe!

MATERIALS – KOMANDOR uses only the most advanced and reliable materials in its products: impact resistant self-lubricating ABS resins used in rolling components, zinc-plated steel and heavy-duty aluminum used in profiles, shatter-resistant glass in mirrors and top quality laminated board used in door inserts. All materials we use are in compliance with the latest product safety standards.

COLORS – The vast assortment or colors for door frames and laminated board we offer combined with special inserts such as rattan, mirror or milk glass allow our customers to choose the best design solutions for every room and to express individual taste and creativity.

SHAPES – KOMANDOR’s interior furnishings can be customized to many shapes and sizes: from narrow and high to low and wide designs. The possible dimensions of our systems together with the wide selection of profile frame styles meets the needs of the most demanding clients to create original and unique furnishing solutions.


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