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Folding door options

If the functionality comes first, then these door Ingredients are an ideal solution. This system allows you to move each pair of doors away from the middle onto the sides, granting you greater access to the closet, than it is in the case of sliding doors. Thanks to the bi-folding door it is easier to access the interior of the cabinet, the system of drawers, baskets and/or any other items put forward. However, there is a limit to the door size. Width of one wing of the folding doors can be a maximum of 50 cm, and thus the entire width of the door of this type can have no more than 100 cm. The bigges advantage of this system is simple quick installation and quiet operation of this door.

Folding doors and folding-sliding doors are only available in aluminum.


Aluminium frame system


Etiuda 1

The profile is comfortable and easy to handle. There is also an option to combine the profile with different ins

Lazuryt ST 25

Etiuda 2

Interesting system which allows for construction to be fixed to the side wall. Can be either sliding or folding.

Art Deco

Etiuda 3

Thinnest  profile of all the folding systems. These characteristics allow the use of glass as an insert.

Agat ST 25

Etiuda 4

Attracrtive looking system in which the frame is not as visible as in other systems. Pefrect if you prefer the simple and elegant solutions.


Etiuda 5


This option allows using 18mm board with small aluminum frame creating a lightweight profile similar to Etuida 4




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